Immediate Dentures

What is an immediate denture and how does it work?

An immediate denture is one where some or all of your natural teeth are extracted and your denture is placed immediately after extractions.  A major advantage to an immediate denture is that you will never have to go in public without missing teeth if you need any teeth removed.  Other advantages to immediate dentures is that it acts like a Band-aid against your gums which actually reduces the bleeding after extractions.  

At Dorset Park Denture Clinic, we will discuss your treatment plan and decide if an immediate denture is right for you.  We can match the shape and colour of your existing teeth before they are removed to replicate your current smile.  Or we can work together and create a newer, brighter smile, following your preferences on size, shape, shade and placement!

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Before immediate denture at Dorset Park Denture Clinic


After Immediate denture at Dorset Park Denture Clinic