What does a Denturist do?

Denturists are formally trained and licensed members of their province to practice Denturism. They specialize in the designing, fitting, construction and the delivery of removable prosthodontics -- also known as dentures -- in a non-surgical manner directly to the patient.

Obtaining the distinction of a Denturist requires three years of training from an accredited Denturist technology program. In years two and three of the Denturist program, fabricating dentures for real patients is a requirement in order to complete and graduate from the program. Denturists are required to obtain the proper license as required by the province in order to practice.

A Denturist's main goal is to provide the patient with esthetically pleasing, comfortable dentures to replace missing teeth. In order to do this properly, a denturist is trained to:

  • Collect medical history information from the patient in order to identify any potential problems or contradictions to having dentures
  • Perform a visual examination of the patients mouth, teeth, and facial structure
  • Take impressions that are used to construct, reline, and repair dentures
  • Fabricate complete upper and lower immediate, conventional, and in some cases, overdentures. Partial dentures are also fabricated by denturists
  • Insert the denture into the patients mouth and make adjustments to improve the comfort of the denture for the patient